If there is something that you feel is getting in the way of doing, or being what you want, hypnotherapy may be able to help you to make positive changes.

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What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can be really effective in managing stress and anxiety related issues such as fears and phobias, panic attacks, social and performance anxiety (for example, exams, driving tests and public speaking). It can help you to change habits like smoking and living more healthily such as exercising and sensible eating, (but it’s not a magic bullet – you do need to really want to change!). Have a look at
https://www.nationalhypnotherapysociety.org/find-therapist/how-hypnotherapy-may-help/ to find out more.


I had no intention, or even inclination, to become a hypnotherapist – hypnotherapy was just part of training for another specialism. While a pre-requisite, learning about hypnotherapy seemed to me something that just needed to be covered to be able to study my area of interest. I knew people who’d had hypnotherapy to help with public speaking, and driving test ‘nerves’, but personally I’d never considered it. I didn’t really think that it could be particularly useful, and the predominant impression I had was that of Saturday evening TV stage hypnotists – of no relevance to me. I started with a lot of scepticism and a fair amount of cynicism.

The training I undertook proved to be a good balance of theory, practice and reflection. As I began to understand the physiological aspects, research and empirical evidence and then saw the effects on the approach on willing volunteers, I was surprised at the impact that we could generate together.

Working part-time near Buckingham I now use hypnotherapy to help my clients to make beneficial changes to make the most of their life… seeing the benefits my clients have obtained is incredibly and unexpectedly rewarding. I hold a Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills and am a Registrant of the National Hypnotherapy Society.

The National Hypnotherapy Society is responsible for ensuring that those individuals who wish to join the Society and have their details listed on the Accredited Register meet the high standards set for the Society by the Professional Standards Authority.  All applications are assessed by the Society and as well as providing evidence of educational qualifications, references and professional insurance all registrants are required to be bound by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Complaints Policy.

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Hypno Gastric Band

I offer ‘Hypno Gastric Band’, a hypnotherapy technique that facilitates weight loss by the reduction of portion sizes, without the need for actual surgery.  Please contact me to find out more.


I am usually available for consultations in Winslow on Thursday and Friday evenings and on Saturdays.  Consultations via Skype can also be arranged.

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